Key Takeaways

  • Longer horizon investors have an edge. They ride out short-term fluctuations in risk premiums, profit from short-term asset mispricing and avoid emotional decisions
  • Global and panoramic views with systematic approaches are required to get strategies with superior risk-adjusted returns
  • Within assets allocation processes, the portfolio buckets need right products to generate alpha

The Benefits of Allocations of the DWNI and of the DWRE Strategies in Global Portfolios

  • Since 2013, an extra yield of +0.5% p.a. and increase of annualized Sharpe ratio by over +4% in CHF (USD) are obtained by allocating 2% to the DWNI Strategy (DW Global Disruptive Innovation Index Portfolio) in a pension portfolio ► PDF-Presentation

Looking Ahead

  • DuraWealth‘s active index strategies are UCITS-IV compliant, with aimed returns of more than 5% p.a. above the MSCI World Equity AC Index annual return over economic cycles