Looking Ahead via a Technology Lens

  • A long-term vision is key and strengthens our entire investment process. The technology assessment is key behind a successful secular growth equity investment.
  • Investing ahead requires a global and panoramic view. Unrivalled technology skills are applied to identify disruptive technologies for our systematic and secular growth investment strategies.
  • It requires searching for changes to global trends, the best placed innovations and businesses and using them in an investment process. The aim is to invest in those companies that display an unparalleled innovation power. This leads to superior risk-adjusted returns vs benchmarks and peers in the long run.

Systematic and Structural Growth Equity Investing

  • Systematic and structural growth investing implies – in the first step – looking at timescales of global changes, the extent of technological innovations and their societal impact, followed by a profound analysis.
  • Results of this in-depth analysis are – in the second step – transformed into an actively managed systematic i.e. index based strategy..
  • The aim is to obtain double-digit returns annually over economic cycles and a limited correlation with traditional benchmarks.

Systematic and Secular Growth Equity Investing Means Being:

  • Responsible and committed
  • Long term focused, with panoramic and global visions
  • Well-structured free-thinker and reliable doer, with accountability for clients’ assets at the heart of all activities
  • Principled investment managers, who offer a high-level of services and build a durable and long-term relationship with clients