Investing in Vision in a Low Yield World

Our focus is to manage attractive investments by linking science with investment process

DuraWealth is a licensed asset manager and a leading provider with Swiss heritage of unique systematic equity investment solutions with superior risk-adjusted returns in a low yield world that is significantly defied by the ongoing 4th industrial revolution i.e. Industry 4.0.

DuraWealth’s indexes and products not only reflect the transformational societal change in the 21st century, induced by the Industry 4.0, but also contribute to a sustainable societal development and enjoy the related ratings.

Our Edge

Wealth Management

  • Portfolio Construction & Management
  • Risk Analysis & Management
  • Asset Controlling & Compliance
  • Factor Investing
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Responsible Investing

  • © DW Global Resource Efficiency
  • © DW Global Disruptive Innovation

Impact Assessment

  • Technology-related Intangible Assets (IP Portfolios) Assessment at Companies
  • Assessing Impact of Technologies
  • Investing with positive impact

Vision & Mission

Disruptive Innovation and the Resource Efficiency fields.

Investing in a fast transforming world and in a low yield environment is highly demanding. Traditional asset classes are expected to display lower returns in the coming years, as featured in leading expert research.

Growing digitization, automation, artificial intelligence and diffusion of new, transformative and resource-efficient technologies related to the Industry 4.0 are altering our lives and cover new unmet needs. These areas are set to grow 3-5 times faster than the global economy over cycles, thereby providing attractive investment opportunities.

DuraWealth, a licensed asset management company with Swiss heritage, manages systematic equity investment products encompassing listed companies that produce transformative and eco-efficient technologies in the various sectors linked to the Disruptive Innovation and the Resource Efficiency fields.


Linking Science and Investing

In Europe over 95% and in the US 80% of active global equity funds are outperformed by global reference indices over longer views (Source: SPIVA® Scorecard 2018). DuraWealth‘s active index strategies outperform global reference indices over longer views.

DuraWealth provides asset owners, qualified investors and (U)HNWI with superior systematic global equity and alternative investment solutions.

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DuraWealth is a leading provider of unique systematic equity investment solutions that allow for greater diversification and superior risk-adjusted returns in an environment that is significantly defied by the ongoing 4th industrial revolution.

DuraWealth employs proven quantitative and qualitative investment processes that allow the assessing of technology-related intangible assets at listed companies.

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Featured Products and Strategies

Systematic and Responsible Investing in Equities

© DW Global Disruptive Innovation Index

The «DW Global Disruptive Innovation Index» is an UCITS-IV compliant global equity index, with aimed returns of over 5% p.a. above the MSCI World Equity AC Index annual return over cycles

© DW Global Resource Efficiency Index

The «DW Global Resource Efficiency Index» is an UCITS-IV compliant global equity index, with aimed returns of over 5% p.a. above the MSCI World Equity AC Index annual return over economic cycles

DuraWealth: Who We Are

DuraWealth is a licensed asset management company with headquarters in Schaan (FL), supervised by the Liechtenstein’s Financial Market Authority (FMA), with:

  • four Partners, each with over two decades of banking and IT experience from well-reputed Banks and IT firms
  • capacities to design and to manage global equity index-based investment products that enhance risk-adjusted returns of global portfolios
  • sound scientific skills for the systematic assessing of the technology-related intangible assets i.e. IP Portfolios at listed companies
  • highest goal is to achieve impactful and long-term investment success for clients

Projects Delivered
Industry Awards & Patents & Track Records

Distinguishing Qualities & Reasons to partner with us


We excel at

Providing effective and impactful investment strategies since a decade:
– Managing and delivering superior global equity index solutions that reflect societal needs
– Assessing societal impacts of disruptive technologies
– Applying rigorous state-of the-art risk management techniques
– Taking care of the client’s growing global needs


Pionneering Investing

Wealth Creation with Systematic Investing:

– Founders of DuraWealth provide superior systematic global equity and alternative investing since a decade
– Linking our profound scientific skills with systematic investing gives us a competitive edge in this area, as highlighted in the sections «Awards» and «Systematic Investing»


Principled Managers

DuraWealth has clearly defined specialized core strategies and adapts to provide novel and effective solutions
DuraWealth believes in long-term strategies that reflect transformative innovations, socio-economic and structural changes and in the human ingenuity to address them
DuraWealth innovates with systematic equity and alternative investing


Client focused

DuraWealth ‘s mission is to deliver a superior long-term performance with a strong accent on risk, based on systematic investment approaches, and its pronounced commitments
DuraWealth uses index and quantitative approaches and apply them to all asset classes
DuraWealth focuses on long-term strategies, with no emotional decisions

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Highly Qualified Team

Miroslav Durana

Portfolio Management & Index Group

Pierre Montézin

Chief Risk Officer (CRO) & Compliance

Jean de Skowronski

Client Relations & Portfolio Management

Wayne Cawood

Chief Tech Officer (CTO) & Index Group & Audit

Giancarlo Caldognetto


Dr Walid el Abed