DuraWealth Next Generation – Shift to Disruptive Innovation & Digital Economies

  • The DW Global Disruptive Innovation Portfolio gives an access to a powerful index-based Secular Growth Equity Strategy. This Strategy is accessible via a Tracker Certificate (AMC) / Exchange-Traded Product (ETP, symbol: DADHJB) and contains 30 holdings offering disruptive technologies that transform whole industries.
  • Selected Secular Growth firms reflect societal shifts to an Intelligent & Digital Economy that enjoy double-digit annual growth prospects while ensuring healthy living and well-being.
  • The © DW Global Disruptive Innovation Index Portfolio (Bloomberg code: DWNIUTR Index) was incepted in June 2013 and is computed by Standard & Poor’s Dow Jones. Since March 2017, the ETP replicates this Portfolio, click below on More details.


Investing in the future, today

The societal, demographic, climate shifts, especially transformative i.e. disruptive technologies profoundly impact our society and offer attractive investment options.

Transformative innovations shape our society and the investing landscape Innovation gains traction (PDF), Embrace Light for Prosperity (PDF)

A transformative i.e. disruptive innovation is an innovation that helps to create a new market and value networks, often disrupting existing markets and displacing earlier technologies. The fast pace of this innovation in life science, materials, environment and information technology sectors offer new products in order to cover market needs.

Superior market growth with positive impact on society A likely different recovery (PDF)

Novel 3D IT-architecture, electric cars, artificial intelligence, automation or genomics markets are set to grow by over 10%-15% annually, i.e. up to five times faster than the global economy, to exceed USD 16 Trillion by 2030 (Source: GIA, PwC, McKinsey, industry data).