Mission and Client Focused

  • Our mission is to deliver a superior long-term performance with a strong accent on risk, based on systematic investment approaches.
  • We use index-based and quantitative approaches and apply them to all asset classes.
  • We focus on long-term strategies, with no emotional decisions, to satisfy ever greater client’s needs.

Engagement and Independence

  • DuraWealth is an efficient wealth management firm with dedicated specializations and high personal engagements.
  • We are a flexible organization with short communication channels.
  • We esteem our independence. We think ‘outside the box’ and trust our strategies with proven track records.

Core Values

  • We have clearly defined core strategies we specialize in and adapt to provide novel and effective solutions for clients.
  • We believe in long-term investment strategies that reflect structural shifts and in the human ingenuity to address them.
  • DuraWealth is pioneering systematic global equity and alternative investing.

Responsible and Ethics Driven

  • DuraWealth is responsible and ethics driven by conviction – implying that from a risk-reward perspective, we have always viewed analysis of transformative processes as the best practice.