DuraWealth Competitive Edge – Disruptive Technology Assessment in Equity Investing

  • DuraWealth is a pioneer in Systematic Global Equity Investing
  • Co-founders of DuraWealth have worked many years in the alternative, fixed income and equity investment areas, including seven years at Credit Suisse in the area of multi-sector index-based investment products. A sound and solid base with in-depth and broad know-hows is in place to offer professional high standard services

 Global Equity Index Strategies

  • The technology expertise of co-founders Dr. Miroslav Durana thanks to seven years spent at the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology and in technology fields and Wayne Cawood thanks to two decades spent in IT-fields
  • Dr. Durana et al. worked on projects making ultra-high precision positioning systems for machine tools industry, biotechnology and various IT-fields. Dr Durana is the main author of technology patents in the US, Japan and the EU (Source: USPTO, Espacenet)
  • In-depth proficiency with global equity theme index investing with proven track records, backed by the ten years’ professional experience in this field and multi-asset investing, in

⇒ Global Resource Efficiency

⇒ Global Disruptive Innovation

DuraWealth applies its unrivalled technology and scientific expertise to both, a selection of transformative i.e. disruptive technologies and the implementation of systematic investment strategies