Our Edge – Assessment of transformative technologies is at the heart of the investment process

  • DuraWealth designs and manages Secular Growth Equity Strategies and Tracker Certificates / Exchange-Traded Products i.e. ETPs not found in the space of traditional Funds / ETFs.
  • A systematic assessment of disruptive technologies that contribute to healthy living and wellbeing is the key element in selecting firms for all DuraWealth Strategies.
  • Selected Secular Growth companies offering these technologies thus reflect societal shifts to a Smart & Digital and Green Economy that enjoys double-digit annual growth prospects.

Your Benefits – Next Generation Strategies aiming healthy living and wellbeing

  • DuraWealth Next Generation stands for modern strategies with companies offering disruptive technologies while ensuring healthy living and wellbeing.
  • DuraWealth‘s ETPs give a direct access to powerful index-based Secular Growth Equity Strategies.
  • These ETPs enjoy a limited correlation and superior Sharpe Ratios vs. traditional ETFs, diversify Global Portfolios and so add value ► The Primer Edition 2021 (PDF)

Finally, DuraWealth applies a profound scientific expertise to both, a selection of companies and a design and management of the investment strategies.

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