Less Traditional Investing Options Ahead

  • In Europe over 95% and in the US 85% of actively managed global equity funds are outperformed by their global benchmarks over 5 and 10 years (Source: S&P Dow Jones, SPIVA® Europe Scorecard, SPIVA® Studies 2019). DuraWealth‘s actively managed index strategies beat global benchmarks over 5 years and more
  • DuraWealth provides asset owners, qualified investors and (U)HNWI with superior systematic global equity and alternative investment solutions
  • The low interest rate environment in developed economies drives investors into alternative investment options
  • Transformative innovations, socioeconomic and demographic changes profoundly impact our society and the investment landscape, creating new investing mindset and opportunities for systematic global equity investing
  • Systematic global equity index solutions offer added value in global portfolios, as highlighted in the «Institutional Investors» and «Private Clients» sections

Wealth Creation with Systematic Investing

  • Smart asset allocation processes coupled with intelligent choices of investment products are the hallmark for a sound investment
  • Depending on the client’s risk profile, each client’s portfolio is designed to provide the required risk-return features. Intelligent diversification is the key to success. Systematic equity investing and liquid alternatives enable to improve risk-return features of global portfolios, as highlighted in the «Institutional Investors» and «Private Clients» sections

Acting Responsibly

  • With a six-fold increase since 2007 enters Sustainable & Responsible Investing (SRI) mainstream. Sustained by global initiatives including UNPRI and Swiss Sustainable Finance (Source: www.unpri.org, www.sustainablefinance.ch), the SRI/Total AuM ratio should exceed 30% by 2020:

Source: Eurosif, EFAMA; Akronyme: AuM denotes «Assets under Management», ESG denotes «Environment, Social and Governance»