Less Traditional Investing Options Ahead

  • In Europe over 90% and in the US 85% of actively managed global equity funds don’t beat their global benchmarks over 5 and 10 years (Source: S&P Dow Jones, SPIVA® Europe Scorecard, SPIVA® Studies 2023).
  • These facts drive investors into new and non-traditional equity investment approaches.
  • Structural shifts, namely technology, socioeconomic, demographic and climate shifts profoundly impact our society and so the investment landscape. This creates new investing opportunities for systematic global equity investing that address these shifts.

Wealth Creation with Systematic and Responsible Investing

  • Structurally, notably technological shifts are breath-taking, enjoy exponential i.e. structural growth and offer unique investment opportunities for decades ahead. Therefore, a systematic assessment of transformative technologies and their impact is at the heart of our investment process. This is our Edge! (click below for View Details – Competitive Edge)
  • Second, intelligent portfolio management is the key to an investment success. Systematic, index-based, equity investment that addresses structural shifts allows to enhance risk-return features of global portfolios. Thus beat DuraWealth‘s actively managed index strategies and listed Tracker Certificates (ETPs) global benchmarks over 3 and 6 years! (click below for View Details – Circle of Professionals)
  • Finally, smart asset allocation processes coupled with intelligent choices of investment products that includes systematic and responsible investments are the hallmark for a sound investment in the future.

Acting Responsibly

  • With a six-fold increase since 2007 enters Sustainable & Responsible Investing (SRI) mainstream. Sustained by global initiatives by UNPRI and Swiss Sustainable Finance (Source: www.unpri.org, www.sustainablefinance.ch), the SRI/Total AuM ratio should exceed 40% by 2025.